Ilhan Omar dancing with Sharma Boy


LOVE is a product of Doqoniimo mixed with lust
Let Them Eat Cake

I was kinda upset and disgusting watching that. She pretending to be feminine and he pretending to be masculine. Really this is disgusting, but don't throw tomatoes please


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It looks lit , My two favourite bundlanders in the same stage :lawd:
@Manafesto @Libaax-Joore
Akhyaarta did yall attend?

Minnesota is one of the many places I like to avoid,I have too many religious nuts as a Eedooyin in thosr twin City I don't want to deal with, older Somali women annoy TF me walahi the most.

Also, I hate the cold weather and it completely depresses me but damn If I knew both Puntite legends would be there I would have driven there, both Ilhan and Sharma should come to Texas and show Manafesto some love if they are tol tol dhalay and my respect for them would triple beam tf up lol.:denzelnigga: