ICJ showed favoritism. MrCheese should cutoff Amisom funding for KDF

I called out the ICJ favoring Kiinya at the beginning of the year


@Thegoodshepherd doubted me

Their judgement ignored prior precedents. The ICJ violated the colonial boundaries between the British and the Itaalians empires. Kiinya and SomaliaItaaliana both inherited the border between their former colonial masters.


ICJ Judge Cabdiqawi called out their hippocrisy

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Daniel ArapMoi's Kalenjin cousin Ruto is celebrating ICJ. MrCheese should not celebrate the ICJ decision. MrCheese should immediately evict KDF or atleast cut off Amisom funding for KDF and ENDF but it might be too much to ask since he is MX


The current government of the former ItalianSomaalia should learn the right lesson from this drama. Sponsor freedom and self-determination movements in Kiikuuyu dominated coastal and NorthernKiinya. You cant do that if youre a weak protectorate of Amisom. The Kiikuuyu elites, who confiscated valuable land from the coastal SawaxiliMuslims, are telling their coastal subjects to violate the colonial border with SomaaliaItaliana

The coastal SawaxiliMuslim are the enemey of the SomaliRepublic or the Amisom controled former SomaliaItaliana I have to distinguish Soomalia aka theSouth aka former SomaliaItaaliana aka FederalRepublic ofSomaalia,, SomalilandRepublic aka the North, and the SomaaliRepublic. SomaliRepublic consisted of the North and theSouth but the North is underSomaalilandRepublic, which will reunite once theSouth has a functioning central government Unless youre more bantuphobic than @Apollo I think we can all agree that the interests of coastalSawaaxili Muslim communities' interests are more closely aligned Somaaliweyn than they are with Kiikuuyu and Kalenjin elites who stole so much from the coastal Sawaaxilis and btw SomaliaItaliana has its own Sawaaxili or Baantu Muslim communities such as the Barwaanis/Markaawis/Baajuun Gosha etc

Dhulka iyo badda uu Ingiriiska ooga tagay Jomo Kenyatta ayuu muran ka taagnaanjiray barigii hore. Iminkana dhulkuu barriga iyo badda uu Talyaaniga ooga tagay SYL ayuu muran ka taaganyahay. SomaaliyaItaliana waa inay taageertaa xorriadda NFD iyo beelaha Sawaaxiliga Muslimkaa oo ku nool gumeeysiga UxuruKenyatta