I will be the first Geeljire to travel Japan


Ladies and gentlemen ,
This news should overwhelm the Geeljires,
I have applied for the Visa in the Japanese consulate , the visa costed 850 Rands around 50$ for a go and return visa for business purposes .For many who don't know I work with Japanese based automobile. It's a popular franchise in this country asides from Ford , Vauxhall , etc.lot of trucks and busses are Japanese .
Many of the colleagues at excited and thrilled to travel Tokyo and experience Japan .

I may even be the first Geeljire in Japan kkk


be careful the country is a bit racist but i hope u enjoy ur stay
I was researching the country as I always do the Japanese tend to be more cautious about immigrants and that can be worrying ofcourse ,let's not hope they're xenophobes like kuwaan aan la joogo, it'll be a brief stay although.


Somalis in China , MEH who cares

Somalis in Korea , MEH war Naga tag wax cusub maaha too many koreaboos

Abdirastoole lands in Tokyo , the first Geeljire in history to make a commmerabale journey,
hundreds years later a statue will be dedicated to me
hundred and fifty years later all Qabiil will claim to have his lineage kkk


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