I saw a obese Somali today


Golan Heights belong to Syria
She is no older than 30. I was shocked. There is no way it is genetic because Somalis are naturally thin which proves she has a eating problem. In fact she was eating while standing when I saw her and looked to have trouble breathing . I wanted to approach her but I was in the queue and she walked away into a car but I would have suggested she walk to where she was going. In my mind all I could think about is how she can accept this. This is another issue that should be addresseed the big obesity problem. The size of a baby elephant.

Nafiso Qalanjo

π–‚π–Š'π–—π–Š π–Œπ–”π–Žπ–“π–Œ 𝖙𝖔 π–œπ–†π–— π–‡π–†π–‡π–ž!
I never met an obese Somali in my life. That women is a rare specimen that must be protected. :fittytousand:


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