I nearly died today...

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I nearly fainted today suppressing my dry coughs ,because I didnt want them to think I have the covid .

I was sitting there like this with a runny nose & tears dropping down my face.
Miskiin Sidaad neefta isugu celineysay waabad dhiman gaartey!

Next time just go outside get some fresh air, drink some water. You will feel better. Trying to please other people will only add too much stress to your life. Laakiin hadey dhuuso ku qabato ha isku celinin iska neefso.


LOVE is a product of Doqoniimo mixed with lust
Let Them Eat Cake
Just excuse yourself out, like u do when you fart?


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I know that exact feeling :pachah1: I did that on the overground one time, and bruh I was ready to say my shahadah and leave this world :pachah1: