I HAVE DISCOVERED the root of all evil in Somalia. This is it


Forza Somalia!
@Grigori Rasputin! You are a deep thinker. I also thought about this ☝🏾
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We introduced Camels to world man, stop giving all credit to these Arab bedouins

Also theres hadiths of Shaytaan and jinns that love camels


بىَر غىَل إيؤ عآنؤ لؤ
Yes f*ck them camels.

This is too much with your username. Waryaa, the Danakiil would be damn near impossible for Humans to inhabit and traverse without the likes of camels and goats.


Foragers, not grazers, who need relatively low quantities of water and have abundant fat stores like in the case of the camel are the only way to really go in the face of such aridity.

Also, camels, goats, sheep, cattle, horses, donkeys and the like could be Somalia's godsend if utilized intelligently. Using their manure and cadavers for fertilizer and controlling their grazing to be rotational, would result in consistent gains in topsoil and the creation of new grasslands and forests so long as you have some rain and water storage practices:



سبحان اللهِ وبحمدِه Free Palestine
If we abandoned our livestock we’d be relegated to serfdom and lose autonomy , over grazing is real and we need better management but the camel is one of our greatest boons and blessings

Alhamdulilah Alhama barkik fih
Camels are just harmless animals. They don't cause people to be violent and chaotic. It seems the OP and those with like-minded individuals can't do their homework on why Somalis are at where they're.
We were the ones who domesticated camels first. Never give credit to others for what we made.

(Laas Geel Rock Painting 5,000 - 11,000 years old)


You’re right Grigori. Every salaad subax i wake up to camels groaning outside my window and chomping on my precious prized papaya tree. They eat the leaves and leave nothing behind. They are a truly savage animal with no maskax whatsoever