How SSpot members look based on how they write.

This is off the top of my head and based on who I interact with the most on here:

@AishaBarri Light skin, chubby cheeks, medium height, almond eyes, medium lips, average height. I think you're most likely good looking.

@BobSmoke Tall, dark skin, lean, bald, beard, glasses, a know it all who I would initially be repulsed by, but would find myself becoming intrigued with but wouldn't admit this to you.

@The Smooth-Operator Browned skin, bald headed, no beard, maybe tall but you are prob 6'1 at the most (may or may not be generous here)

@Hodan from HR brown skin, white straight teeth (nice smile), full lips, I get the vibe you wear braids (microbraids) but you said you are a hijabi. You're prob gorgeous.

@Sophisticate Clear, brown skin, long hair, slim but more on the skinny side, a long neck and almond shaped eyes. You have medium size lips.

@Jimmer not light skin and not dark (in-between), short to average height and build, little to no facial hair, an intact hairline and you have a head full of hair (good for you!)

@Finesse Tall, slim and dark skin. Long dark hair and a nice white smile.

@Figo Allegedly looks like the late Kobe Bryant. Don't take my word for it.

Feel free to add on to the list.

Light with curly hair but you made me look like Naomi and I love you for it sis. :it0tdo8::it0tdo8::it0tdo8:

You read like a qalanjo qoordheer oo isku dhacisa :z1banet:

The Smooth-Operator

How I imagine @Gibiin-Udug

Short, 5,5
Light skin with a great smile
Thicc but wears baati to hide it.
Her real name is idil
Favorite food is chocolate coated cookies with shaah
Afraid of spiders and dark places
Acts tough but is in reality submissive like an arab wife.

How I imagine @Desert Flower

Tall xalimo and slim figure (flat chest and booty)
Light skin with a fanax (or a front teeth gab)
Tempered and used to whoop the boys in school
Very demanding and opinionated
Scares away all the guys who come near her for shukansi
Family is making dua behind her back to be married asap
Deep down she's kind but has difficult showing it to people especially when they are new in her life.
Values her deen & honour over all things.


She's probably short and a bit on the dark side, nice body and smells like flowers
She is mysterious but you can sense she is fun to be around
Perfect wife material since she seems to have the whole package
She can be a bit of a troll so be careful in her luuq.


Has existed since the first Somali forum poppet up.
Some say she's a bot others say she was created by a crazy Somali scientist as a side effect to his experiments into trying to understand xalimoids brain and behavior
Some times she makes sense some times she doesn't,
@Hodan from HR Short, Stout, with chubby cheeks. Her baby face is the type that never ages.

@Dawo She covers herself with hijaab, so i can't say anything about her figure, except she has an ogaden teeth protruding mouth. Heavy eyes that stare deep.

@Lostbox Tom boy girl, slim with a big head. Walks slowly with a kind, very sweet face

@BobSmoke Eyes of thieves, really scary for an Ogadeni. Big belly with scruffy uneven facial hair. Not beard.

@Somali Hannibal A typical Marehaan looking small man with a privilege's energy. Curly hair, he likes to color match his clothes

@RasCanjero tall, lanky with a long neck. He looks like his hooyo.

@Garen She has a strong man spirit. possibly an ancient dhulbahante chief. Short & stout!

@Jaydaan Chubby, and slightly over weight. Strong hands, long eagle nose, not pointy but meaty tho. As if a strong afro genes disturbed the thin pointy nose. He has a shiny forehead

@Odkac WRLD a little ne,gro small framed tuug energy or swag

@Ebuo An ugly oromo looking soul with a princely heritage. White feet souls

@Boqorada Soomaaliya tom boy, tall & lanky. large heavy eyes. Large lips. Every thing large but very noble in posture and scent.

@Abdi99 a hawiya looking nigga who likes to wear hoody. I dont know, i cant really capture his spirit. It is illusive

@Factz only thing i get about this character is ....scent. He smells like a bad Uunsi or Uud. And he laughs very thunderously. But most of the time he is serious. He likes to cook too. Fat fingers i can see

@Desert Flower reading glases wearing queen, a timid, mousey looking noble from a far afar or trigree land

@Idyllic Hijaabi wearing depressed soul. Actually she looks exactly like @SOULSEARCHING both have reading glasses. Both walk slowly. Both silent farts can kill fragile living things like flies or mouses

@AishaBarri i see braid hair. Heavy. attitude. smells like coconut oil.

@Grigori Rasputin mid height, bald head, brown complexion, skinny, with hair on his arms. Large mouth. Large teeth. Depressed sad eyes, that is horny and needs to abuse a xaliimo but he also fear he might kill her.
Tall and lanky kulaha
I'm 5'3 ffs :damn: