How often do you wear your hair straight ?

Usually only a few times a year, for special occasions

I have thick 3c/4a hair so straightening it takes multiple hours and I don’t have time for that anymore lol. I wear my natural hair 90% of the time


(not me but my hair looks like hers)
Haven’t straightened it for the last 6 months, it is heat damaged and I’m forcing myself to love my curls and grow it out. Everyday I’m fighting the urge not to.
I dislike the smell of straightened hair. That burn from the machine stinks. I don’t even say hi to girls who wear wigs why would waste my time in one that straightens her hair.
On most days, I wear my hair natural and play around with many different styles.

But recently, i've been blow drying it a lot because I like how it makes my hair look. It makes my hair straight but a good thing is that it doesn't give me the heat damage that a straightener can give you. I like straight hair but I get so bored of it quickly because there's not much you can do with it.