How much does a kilo of frankincense/myrrh cost back home


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I want to buy some to burn in my house(I find uunsi too strong). And I'm wondering if it's cheaper to ship it to Europe then buying it here.


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if u know someone in Minneapolis...u can have them mail u. :) Very cheap, str8 from Dubai in somali malls


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You can buy it on Amazon you know. It'll save you on shipping costs too


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Ask family back home to arrange for the frankincense and the shipping from Bosaso port to Dubai.

Ask them if they can contact some companies and find out their shipping options to Dubai.

Then from Dubai, you can just put it on a cargo flight to your city.

However, this only works if you have family in PL that can contact frankincense wholesalers as well as shipping companies.
It was really cheap back in the day, you can buy 1 kilo for under a dollar, these days unless you can buy them at the sorting houses for large importers, the going rate is closer to $15 per kilo in cities. This will get you the best quality beeyo, you can buy lower quality for cheaper.