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How many people know you’re on SSPOT?

The other day few people quoted your post. I had to delete them all. Just remember whenever you post something someone will likely quote you and ruin your chances of saving yourself from the embarrassment.

Next time don’t get caught slipping.:ufdup:
I appreciate your hard work. You’re the man
Does anyone offline know that you’re on SSPOT? If so, do they know your username? Just curious.

Hmm. Maybe one of my cousins who find it hilarious that I'm an oromo on a Somali forum. But I've been in rooms full of Somalis in real life and no-one could tell that I wasn't a Somali. Shiny foreheads tend to help one blend in.


Oddly enough, in all the times, I've uploaded my photos, socials, and realtime videos, I've yet to be seen or found out in public......

looks like, I haven't gone far enough, yet.