How many kids do you want?


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Somalis IMO are listed the top 3 Muslim ethnicities when it comes to high birth rates but I’m curious to see if the new generation still want to do what their parents and the older generation did?

10 kids is the minimum for me, anything less will seriously leave me miserable and depressed which is why I want at least two wives to have many kids as possible for stability, re-populate my clan, keep my name relevant in the family, feel like a King and feel protected forever. Get ajr and make the Prophet proud who encourage everyone to have many kids as possible.

Also, to ensure no one in the family breaks my record and to offend the seething Anglo men.

What about you?
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I want 8 no cap. I need all of them to be boys as well. All tall, dark, and handsome like thier Abo lool. One of them better make it into the nba as well


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Please only have the amount of children you're financially capable of taking care of. That means healthy foods, good clothing, electronics, extra curricular actives like hockey or football, tutors, dental/vision care, medication and family vacations and so on. You want a few well mannered, well rounded smart children not a bunch you can't afford to take care of or manage.

I plan to have 3 at max, most likely 2.


Where is this guy from?

Over my time here, I’ve worked out that you’re a non-Somali, Black or otherwise dark skinned (non-White), refugee/immigrant, who was most-likely born in their country (definitely a third-worlder with a goal like 40 freaking kids and some of the other weird shit you say), probably somewhere in their thirties in age (definitely older than the general population here), and that you’re mentally religiously-inclined (radical) but your practice is off/hypocritical.
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Only 2 or 3 kids. I want to travel and save up as much as possible, I can’t do that with ten squealing brats depleting my resources on a regular basis :shookgabre:


I inititally wanted an only child but decided two should be enough one boy one girl inshallah. I wouldnt cope with more than two financially and mentally.