How Jesus looked according to digital artist Uterwijck


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We don't know how Jesus عليه السلام looks like & we will never know, but he most certainly did look like your average person from the Middle East.

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He definitely didn't look like a Swedish man.

It's so funny how Cadaans are obsessed with blonde hair/blue eyes, even though most of them have brown hair.


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White American Evangelicals are scamming the world with that Jesus movie with the lead actor being an Anglo guy.

That movie is often used to convert the remaining unreached tribal groups.

They have translated that film in every language of the world. Sometimes I look for Cushitic versions of that movie to listen what those rare languages sound like, here is one in Rendille:

I understand 15% of what they are saying lol


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I would say this is closely accurate. According to Hadith Sahih, prophet pbuh said Jesus pbuh was short and stout. And had hair under his ears. I also add he had a soft kind face, which this face has. I think it is very close. My instincts usually are very strong.
Dunno, but I am noticing a lot of R and L sounds more than other languages. It doesn't sound too bad. Neutral sounding.

The R you're hearing a lot in that video is the word for person -- Raan.

The Nuer also use this word in their language; the real name of the Nuer is Ram Mi ran -- real human being.