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How Europeans Treasure Hunt

They just try to crack lost languages and then translate it and find words that are not in english and look for it in the earth, that's why they rare languages are 'legends' till proven. U can't prove it if you don't understand it. It's hard to understand it with other languages as everyone had similar words, the words that were not similar become poetry untill proven on earth. Arabic was special cause of that but then it spread and it now it just becomes songs, but languages that are cracked and u find the meaning of the word become earthly proof and they crown it gold. Ancient egypt obviously the one they all wanted but its spread about in all the languages in africa, hiddein in words that only locals understand
The way to create miracle is just find word if its not there in all languages some dude studies it all his life and tries to hide it and claim god ppl believe him cause they see their languages are not understandable, its not supposed to be understandable, thats the point of languages its unique to a small group if the language is main language it become common lanuage like greek, arabic, english, it all loses value on the earth and they use it as speech for trade
Thats why noone translate their language into scripts in the past, as they feared ppl would come and hunt for words, even english if it was isolated, we would think its miracle if there was words that our languages didnt have. The rule is a word cannot exist that cannot be explained on earth or else they have to find why that langauge made up that word, thats the trick to treasure hunt, ppl wont just say words untill they see it in earth and store as miracle under the ground usually, as ppl usually like burying things all cultures like bodies

every culture left their kings burial as the most important body, they knew it wouldnt be miracle to find more bodies so they stored other things, the less burials of bodies indicates more treasures even in eruope
With languages with scripts they become valuable, arabic was gods language but they sacrificed its meaning to the world so they dont find their own treasures and keep it localised thats why the world loves arabic for the sacrifice as it keeps their language untouched but noah language like aborigine is even rare as it was isoated and they knew god so its rarest among mankind thats why they want to find noah ark and aborigines still have that culture and language so its its in culture but noone can crack it but themselves, all langauges like that, africa is richest langauge on the world as it has so many words that it transfered to mankind and find as inventions but the secret ones they keep among songs, poetry, things that only important in words not scripts, bodies, etc. thats why writing was miracle someone decided to start storign something for the future rather then keep it a secret in their language and humanity started slowly merging thru language and this caused travel, boats, trade eventually.

ppl thought keeping words secret wud make them special as they pull it out and noone else around them has the word but it became less special as language became main languages, thats why we earn it as knowledge its not miracle, the miracle days are in the words, its not miracle if other langauge have it, they call that words now only and your myths or prayers or secret rites but its special they cant crack it

Noah one is special one it shows how we were all were untill we move and travelled and they didnt. its base language for the whole world and so unique even more unique then anncient egytptian or latin as that is for new world at that time europe-africa-mid-east now thats old world. new world is australia and south america and they will find noah peoples on each continent but it has to be like aborigien culture or it migrated much later when language was developed its no longe miracle

arabic boys are always going to be loved for the arabic script as base language for trade and learning, it no longer becomes miracle and just knowledge, they sacrificed their miracle for allah, why do they care what the world does as they keep their unique languages and show the last human miracle in poetry and how they can show it in the world

saudi arabia was going to be left desert so we dont want miracles there the only miracle is the word of the quran, so we can test our human miracles all muslim nations and store it for cilm noone wants to fight saudi arabia or love it, its pure perfect like god wit hhis arabic langauge and bedouins and camels, we love them niggas they will always be safe in the world from all muslims even from africa who has the most human langauges. Rome isnt special its in a city its not like how the prophet lived who has to be aged even his house and simple prayers everyone wants muhammad lifestyle even blacks mongols who came to islam, we want to test it in saudi and go home and take a camel or something but we will give u a miracle also t o store

we want mohamed protecting us from god while we explore the world, so there is no fear as we have the word languages and knowledge, europeans can keep reading ancient book it dies out but mohamed said he will not protect anyone but hte kaaba

mongolia is preserving his huts and simple origins, same with saudi arabia it has to be simpler, even africa is simple and it allocates egypt as our learning center, everyone is keeps their langaugae and explores. noone studies europeans and we dont want their language here but in europe
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