Houthi Campaign to Genocide Yemeni Sunnis... Amid International Silence

Are you holding them up as a form of tokenism? There were blacks that fought in the Confederate army. There are "Muslims" in India who support the bjp. If Modi takes a selfie next to a man with a beard and a kufi, it doesn't change the nature of his regime.
Are you calling the patriotic Sunni tribes fighting for their country against foreign aggressors Uncle Toms?
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if Saudi has done this, Saudi has done that.... whatever Saudi has done- Yemen should be ruled by the Sunnis and should not be ruled by the Shia. that doesn't change regardless of whatever Saudi has been up to. if Saudi government is crooked- I should therefore be in favor of Shias genociding Sunnis in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq?? Of course not. The conclusion doesn't follow from the premise, it is the logical fallacy known as non sequitur.

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I don't support Shi'ism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Buddhism. I am a Muslim and I support Islam.
Omar del CIA
Omar del CIA

Omar del CIA? I thought I was Omar del Beijing? Or Omar del Saudi?

I must have some serious skills if I can be an agent of Joe Biden and Xi Jinping at the same time.

Frankly, if the US was really serious about backing the Sunnis in the region, the messages in the media would be totally different. If I talk to a random person on the street and mention Iran, they'll pretty much scratch their head. If the US was for real, the ordinary person on the street would be hyped up against Iran.

If the US was really serious about backing the Sunnis in the region, they wouldn't have handed Iraq over to the Shia at gunpoint. They had the country occupied by the US military. How do they just "accidentally" put the Shia in charge?

Just to reiterate: the aggressive Iranian expansion benefits the aims of the anti-Islam forces. It creates another front against Sunni Muslims.


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