you fucks wit it or nah?

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Whats good!

Im a 19yr old artist from Toronto, Canada.

Dropped my 1st single in a long time.

(yh i know i sound like a old Drake dont try to mention it)

Support a brotha!
I'll support you if you don't rap about killing people and repeating "gang gang".

Or else we'll have another Somali boy (or half) to end up like Robin Banks or simply dead.

Grigori Rasputin

Former Somali Minister of Mismanagement & Misinfo.
Staff Member
Wariyaha SomaliSpot
Abandon that Hennessy and enter your nearest mosque. Pray to Allah for getting your parents out of the hell-hole we call Somalia.

Then what you do is, get serious about school. Let your heroes be folks who made a scientific breakthroughs. People like the guy who invented the cure for Polio or the one that discovered the Antibiotics tablets. Go become a scientist, an economist or something meaningful.

Then again you grew up on Welfare, most likely the Habaar of sucking the blood of hard workers (taxpayers) (while daddy sat at timmies on a daily basis ) runs through your veins

Always Lit

Everybody lies, which ones are tolerable??
u sound so mainstream u need to really try to come up with something new. U got potential.
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