Hormone manipulation diets. For simultaneously gaining maximum muscle naturally while losing fat or not gaining any.

Diet # 1 Steak& Egg diet A.K.A Maximum

This is the diet that I use, I will post 2 others on a later date, that are newer version of the same concept. Created by 2 different physicist/bodybuilders.


100% natty, had 0 tolerance for PED’s, he believed in beef, eggs, liver + hard work. As do I thanks to the iron guru, who the industry has wiped out of history. Arnold Schwarzenegger used this man diet and training to become the man he is today, and yet never gave this an ounce of credit.

ps in that picture I believe he was in his mid 50’s no TRT just real food hard work.
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Aad baad u mahadsantahay walaalkay <3

I will take some notes, pretty interesting to watch!
much love brother
Your welcome brother, I still got two more variations of the diet, and I will end it with a separate thread on best workouts insha Allah.
Can you just do a chicken breast + egg diet? Cooking and prepping steak is just time consuming for me
If your not using PED’s then no, because chicken has lower levels of Zinc, iron and contains less cholesterol and saturated fat, which you will need to produce higher levels of testosterone naturally.

the diet was originally called the meat, eggs and water diet. Steak just happens to be the gold standard of beef, you don’t have to use steak. I use burger Pattie’s just like they did in the golden era, as described in the video with the same title.

ps liver is a must too, if you want fast muscle growth and recovery.
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Reer suuqa xoolaha
Get ninja foodie delicious steaks in no time with 0 effort. best investment for bodybuilding with gym membership close second. Biggest thing with hormones is ensuring you watch carbs and aren’t fat. Obese men have low testerone.

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Diet # 2. The anabolic diet.

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dr dipasquale is 100% natty, yet has similar build to Daniel Craig ex James Bond actor, who was on serious gear.
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Diet # 3 Carb back loading.

Of all three diets this is my favorite when I’m doing compound training, or any other training where you use fast twitch muscles.It’s used by Athletes, bodybuilders, strongmen and fitness models, because it customizable to fit any carb needs one might have.


this is John kiefer a physicist and the creator of this diet, also a natty. Unlike the other two he is an endomorph, which makes it is easy to grow muscle. When Hormones are tuned in and heavy weights are used.

this is the diet I would recommend for active people, who use heavy compound training and MMA etc…..

I would strongly advice buying the book, these videos are a sample of the system. You don’t get the full picture.

For those about that life here is a link to the Ebook.

instead of making a separate thread for the training, I will just continue on this thread. So as to have everything in one place.
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Thank you very much brother, for updating this thread! much appreciated
It’s a pleasure to help out someone who willing to help themselves, so you’re welcome bro.

Terry crews does carb back loading, to maintain his frame.
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Forgot diet # 4 carbnite by also John Kiefer. It’s an extreme version of carb back loading, meant for rapid fat loss.

The reason I shared the steak & eggs diet, and the Anabolic diet. Was to give you the history and the development of these diets.

Now the latest and most effective versions, that are up to date with the science, are the the carb backloading (bulking) and carb nite (Fat loss).

Those are the two diet we will be using from here on out, and here is a video, that explains the mechanisms of these diet.
( you still have to buy the books though)

this is the end result that we want to achieve with these diets, being natty and looking like your juiced out of your mind.

Unlike low carb/high fat, high fat/ low carb low calorie/ high calorie or bulking and cutting. You can use carb back loading aka carb cycling, for the rest of your life.

Instead of employing a single strategy, like the other diet techniques, CBL uses all of them. Making them all obsolete.!!!
It’s why fitness models who have to be in shape 365 days a year, use CBL.
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Fats are superior fuel source , for the body and the brain, because they are clean and stable.But carbs are Better fuel source for muscles speed, strength and growth.

In Order to use these diets you must become fat adapted, and make fat your bodies default energy, instead of carbs.
Carbs will only be used strategically, to fuel anaerobic activities, and raise insulin to speed up muscle growth. After an adaptation period of 10 days, where carbs are restricted to below 50 grams per day!!!

How to become Fat adapted?

The end goal is to become metabolically flexible, a hybrid of ( sugar burner/ fat burner).

Starting strength focuses on building size via strength. ( almost similar to strong man)

While Stronglifts focuses on building strength via size ( hypertrophy). ( like the golden era body builders.)

In the end they both build size and strength, so it will all come down to personal choice.
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