Horizon Public enquiry: No! They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother!

The Horizon hearings are coming to their conclusions. With the most anticipated "expert witness", lead engineer of the Horizon systems, Gareth Jenkins being called on. After attempts to escape this botched inquiry all together by requesting a dismal of summons, he was forced to show up.

Of course, his testimony comes long after the other "expert witness" Terence Austin has primed all of the witnesses, country and judge of the "bad programming in Horizon".
The former systems programme director at ICL Pathway who headed a task force to review Horizons Source code, gave a damning review:
>Whoever wrote this code clearly has no understanding of elementary mathematics or the most basic rules of programming.
>“significant sections are a combination of poor technical design, bad programming and ill thought-out bug fixes”

This Terence Austin, is not even a programmer. He is a suit, he was the systems programme director at ICL Pathway, maybe he was programmer in the 80s but has not been one for a long time. I have looked and looked and cant find what languages, if any, he programmed in.

This is all a stitch up. If it was not, he would have bee allowed a fair hearing and not kept isolated till the last second.
They know this has gained way too much popularity, someone needs to fall on their sword and since its England, its got to be the little guy. They have deemed Gareth to be the fall guy.

Programmer bros, they mean to burn one of ours at the stake.

Like Bane said, "No! They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother!":

Okay maybe he messed up lol, this shit smells like it has bad "Java saarr!" design all over it but he is white.