HOOGAY!! Somali youth should never have social media


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This qashin on my 13F sisters mobile device

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Conservative family, we've talked about qawm lut, she's in Xamar, no western influence except tiktok. Yesterday I see this long ass samsung note written to bootyclap for sodomites and fahishas.:banderas:

Once I went on her FYP I saw LGBBQ people twerking and on the next video you see wadaad giving dawah wallahi its a messed up place the Chinese engineered

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So you let sister from xamar can write a good text like this without being educated in the west?


WEF Allfather + cryptomason
So you let sister from xamar can write a good text like this without being educated in the west?
No. my sister was homeschooled in the UK until the move Xamar a few years ago. She couldn't have interacted with ciyaal suuq thinking or content during that time and kids don't enter formative years that early. Remember, I was in the same environment as her ~10 years ago. Our social circles are good people and even public school I went to was decent with some few ratchet ethnic kids. Definitely the digital kung flu virus walaal the other day she explained transgender ideology to me when I was condemning a tranny.

I have got the situation sorted BUT I posted to diaspora on SSPOT as calaamad that you should monitor these kids no matter how much islamic values are into them. Spend time deprocessing what they consume online. I'm already doing this with the 15/16 year old for around a half year now but wallahi the little one didn't come to my head.

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Have a serious talk with your sisters about how dangerous LGTV people are. Your sister seems too compassionate for her own good. Tell her straight that muslims don’t accept gay people. We view as immoral and harmful. Also tell her the dangers of the ideology, how it brainwashes young children to mutilate themselves.

You need to start now or its too late. Be kind but firm.
Social media is very useful for brainwashing. If she’s on Twitter, tiktok, and Tumblr having views against these things will get her ostrozied and attack. No wonder people have such a hive mind on social media