Puntland Higher Education Commission of Puntland


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Higher education commission of Puntland opens it’s inaugural office in Garowe, Puntland. This commission will be overseeing, accrediting, and regulating all higher education institutions in Puntland. The commission is affiliated with kenyatta University.

Also, the commission was appointed by former President Dr. Abdiweli Gaas and it’s supported by the European Union (the ambassador for EU to Somalia was in attendance at the opening ceremony today).

A good business idea would be to open up 'office' block buildings like Jubaland Did. They leased out the office to 3 ministries. We should look into doing something similar. Currently what government ministries and commissions and so forth do is they is 'rent' out private residential properties, which you cannot work in such confinement.

The residential properties can seek customers through private residental rentals from normal people in the town, they don't need government clients renting out their property because a residential house isn't equipped with office equipments. They only rent out to government clients because they charge more.



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