Update Hayaay! Muse Bixi’s trip is staged

I wonder what you lot will come up tomorrow when he meets the president, it’s so exciting I can’t wait.

They tried to brag about a hotel visit after 32 hours (stopping in different countries, there was never a direct flight) kkk.
Are you sure you don’t wanna lie down and take break cuz I know today must be Very hard for you.
It’s all you got showing maid cleaning the hotel then president is staying at.

I showed you a fucking helicopter.

That shows how misinformed you are. That woman is called Safia she is the one that took part
in staging the flags at the hotel visit for Somaliland region propaganda purpose including the
picture of Muse Bixi (which was brought from Hargeisa :lol: :lol: ).


Engineer of Qandala
Why is blatantly fake news so prevalent, it can't be that hard to verify and discredit certain websites that propagate it. :gucciwhat:


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Only took a matter of time for you to make this claim...

So what they met in a hotel, that's where the delegation is sleeping while their


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