HAYAAAAAAY! COME AND WATCH THIS! UK FAARAX screaming while getting deported on Turkish Airlines


Make Dhulos Great Again
This what happens when don’t come out of your mothers womb a caucasoid Somali, they just treat you like a ...................oh well 82B38C76-3E31-4FE2-A89A-EFE315D55431.png


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Turkish Airlines should be sued. They should not partake in deporting people on a commercial plane. Third world UK indeed. They chip him out like the chimp he is.
It’s a travesty of justice to deport Caucasoids to Africa.

Was he a citizen or a permanent resident? This guy loves Britain so much, but he couldn’t stop committing crimes. I hope he doesn’t join Alshabaab and explode in a restaurant full of diaspora Somalis. He should be monitored. Since he was screaming ba’ayeey (Do Somalilanders day it too?) I think he is either from Galmudug, Galgaduud or Puntland.

Can they cancel citizenships and deport like here in Australia?