Have you ever had a Somali crush?

OP is hella sus tho.

He made an intro thread claiming to be the whitest Somali cos he’s educated and has an entrepreneurial mindset.

Now he’s saying he was never attracted to an African person.

OP is a coon who fantasize about Miss Daisy. Mods need to delete/ban these troll accounts so the forum has some sense of authenticity.
I haven't. All my crushes have been white or non-African.
the vast majority of Cadaan women wear sundresses, little clothes to show cleavage, show their hair, their legs etc. Somali girls wear long skirts, baggy clothes, less appealing hijabs, sometimes jilbabs etc. That might explain why you don't have a crush - because their beauty is intentionally hidden. Do you also have crushes on cadaan muslims in hijab? I'm sure you have met cadaan women wearing hijab in real life - what did you think?

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