Happy Anti Corruption Day


Guul iyo Gobanimo


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Let him cook
lol this ranking is why im shocked when i hear western somali people with no business experience wanting their first endeavor to be in somalia, very optimistic almost naive. try your host country then come with some experience you might have prayers chance getting slice of tiny market cap back home
This country is truly cursed. This endemic corruption and zero education system where millions are not being educated except in masjids. Doomed.
There is no way that Somalia is more corrupt than countries like Nigeria where billions of dollars of oil money is yearly looted and corruption is so imbedded that even students are forces to sleep with professors in order to pass. Not to mention where getting bribed on the streets by police officers is common. Or Equatorial Guinea where the son of the President is the Vice President and is known for his lavish lifestyle while most of the country is dirt poor.

Has anyone ever seen the metrics they use?