Half-Somali, Half-Scottish lady marries a Jamaican man.

Buranbur should never be done in front of men, they don't take part in it, so why should they watch? This is very un-Somali.
Yeah I always thought the buraanbur was only women thing. Another annoying thing when the men have dinner and the meher happens and sheikh does his thing. Always a crazy woman yells from another room like a maniac. Ululululu or something like that. Somali weddings need reform
Nothing against ajnabi lkn I hope my sisters don't bring them into the family.
Maxaa isku sheegeenaa? geeljire mooyee wax kale na qancin mayaan?


F*ck Your Feelings
Does he come from money? Why are they so gassed? He looks out of place, hope it's not a train wreck of a marriage inshallah.