Half-Somali, Half-Scottish lady marries a Jamaican man.

Pwyneth Galtrow

All I see are 2 Black muslim folks getting married. Nothing about this is shocking you weirdo.

Black means nothing, other than a shared skin-tone.

Culturally, Jamaicans are very different to Somalis, even if they become muslim, they will still retain their culture like all groups.

All the best to this lady.
Buranbur should never be done in front of men, they don't take part in it, so why should they watch? This is very un-Somali.
Yeah I always thought the buraanbur was only women thing. Another annoying thing when the men have dinner and the meher happens and sheikh does his thing. Always a crazy woman yells from another room like a maniac. Ululululu or something like that. Somali weddings need reform
Nothing against ajnabi lkn I hope my sisters don't bring them into the family.
Maxaa isku sheegeenaa? geeljire mooyee wax kale na qancin mayaan?


I Was Cheating In Prison..I Was Cheating ...
Does he come from money? Why are they so gassed? He looks out of place, hope it's not a train wreck of a marriage inshallah.

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