Habaryar in her 50's hook whit teenager!


~Gallantly Gadabuursi~
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This scenario is predatorial, no matter the gender. Also, she looks more 70 than 50. She's not fooling anybody.


Plotting world domination
I think they’re trolling. I’m pretty sure she makes skits 🤔

A few years ago I remember seeing some odd pics of a young Somali singer with an old fat lady.

Tbh there isn't really much stopping these diasporan ayeeyos from tricking on these young niggas back home.

Fobnimo Till I Dhimo

كَمَا دَخَلُوهُ أَوَّلَ مَرَّةٍۢ🕌☝🏾
''Dhoor malin kahor ayay raadinaysay will 15 jir ah oo ay guursato'' :wtfdis: Ruwaayad miya?

:mjlaugh: Bacdiisa madow banaanka loo dhigaa 16 marku gaaro, another miskiin clueless saqiir Faarax will take his spot oo 15 jir ah

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Madaxweynaha Qurbo Joogta 🇸🇴
I don’t see the problem here. He gets the bag then turns around and uses it pay for the wedding of another woman who can conceive. Any sugar mamas here that need a strong young handsome farax? Hit me up
Wallahi I'd feel weird about sleeping with a habaryar like that, very strange. I feel disgusted, it would be like sleeping with your hooyo