Government halts bird hunting from UAE Nationals

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Reformation of Somaliland
UAE nationals who came to Somaliland for poaching left from the country after the government has halted their mission to conduct poaching in Sahil region.

The UAE nationals paid a visit to Sahil region albeit they appeared to be tourists but later they were caught hunting birds in the province.

Somaliland security halted the hunting conducted by the UAE nationals after the nomads reported to law enforcement agencies.

The 18 UAE nationals departed from Egal airport yesterday while Somaliland representative to the UAE was with them.

The local paper, Geeska Afrika contacted the minister for foreign affairs for confirmation.

Hon. Faraton said that the UAE national who was in conflict with the government left from Somaliland on his own accord.

Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness

I suggest the locals shoot any foreigner caught taking our resources on sight

Niman shantaadu kaa reebin Sharci kaama reebo
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