GOOD LORD! WAAR HAYAAY! A girl form MN travels to Kismayo and shows us complete and utter horror

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Grigori Rasputin

For 3 weeks I thought I was another nationality
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On Somalidaaduunka

She goes to a hospital and we see a normal speaking young lady who has 4th degree burns because her husband poured Benzine on her. How can she be speaking in such a state. God forbid but she is certainly gonna die if she's not removed from hell-hole Somalia. Even a first world nations will have terrible time fixing her. She is beyond cooked. :faysalwtf:

May Allah help her.

She's a G Walahi, she's speaking si caadiya in such a state of emergency.


I saw a similar video of a nineteen year old woman who was a burnt by her husband, it was on YouTube, have you seen it? She was an abudive relationship with a man she we'd when she was around twelve years old, she was also orphaned around the same time. He got mad that she was showing 'interest' to another guy and spilled the cooking oil she was cooking with all over her. It was so sad, she didn't even have a home she was staying a friends house because she is severely disabled. You could see parts of her body are glued together, it was based on eastleigh.
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