Puntland Germany launches $31M worth of health projects in Puntland

Finally some positive news out of Somalia, big coup for ministry of health PL

GAROWE, Puntland -
Germany has launched two major new health projects at the health Ministry HQ in Somalia's northeastern semi-autonomous region of Puntland on Thursday, Garowe Online reports.

Puntland Vice President, Abdihakim Abdullahi Omar Amey, and the deputy German Ambassador to Somalia Markus Bollmohr have jointly launched the projects at a well-organized ceremony in Garowe.

The projects worth a total of $31.3 million is aimed at strengthening the overall health systems in Puntland between 2017-2019, and Promoting maternal and child health and improved nutrition.

The Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) will implement the three-year health projects in Puntland, which are jointly funded by KfW and GIZ - German development bank and agency respectively.

Two million people in Puntland are due to benefit from improved health services with generous support from the development cooperation of the German government through KfW Development Bank.

Bollmohr said Germany is committed to support Somalia in recovering from the decades-long conflict that ravaged the country's economic infrastructure and the health sector, effecting mother and child

During flagship event in the state capital, Garowe, members of Nugal regional elders highlighted at the importance of the project and thanked Germany for these programs to enhance health care system.

Puntland's Minister of Health, Abdinasir Osman Abdirahman Cuke, said German government also is executing various development projects in Puntland, including construction of Garowe-Galkayo road.

Cuke added that the Ministry of Health made remarkable efforts to bring this projects into the region as it is part of the funds used to support Somalia.

Puntland Vice President Abdihakim Abdullahi Hajji Omar Amey has expressed grateful to the German Government and KfW for the support, and hoped for the implementation of the projects as quickly as possible.
I wish Dr. Ali Abdullahi Warsame was the minister of health, instead of heading other ministry. He would've spent those 31 million dollars well. Let's hope for the best.

Kwf is a serious development bank. I hope they initiate a water project similar to the one they financed in Jordan
Although Dr Ali A warsame is known for his strong work ethic, how the money will be utilized has been agreed,

“The health of the people in Puntland, particularly women and children, is a major concern despite some improvements in services in recent years,” said Markus Bollmohr, Deputy Ambassador to Somalia on behalf of the German Cooperation. “We are confident that, through the collaboration between KfW, UNICEF and the Puntland authorities, we can make a real difference in providing services that will save the lives of many.”

The project is in two parts. One will support the continued delivery of the UNICEF-supported Essential Provision of Health Service (EPHS) package which is the prime mechanism to strengthen child health and safe motherhood services. These services include child immunization; nutrition; maternal, reproductive, and neonatal health; malaria; first-aid and care of critically ill and injured; treatment of common illnesses and HIV. The second part provides support to an increasing number of facilities and communities. It will involve developing critical health infrastructure to expand specialised and emergency referral services with a feasibility study already underway. The construction and rehabilitation projects are expected to include five district hospitals, one emergency ward, 20 health centres and two regional health management offices,

If this project succeeds, they will probably look to support other projects when they are proposed.


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