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Geeljire Imam Charged for sexual acts with a child

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I would expect this from a white religious leader(Priest):gucciwhat:
He must have heard the saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" and took it too literary:damedamn:
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Suurtogal maaha, I'm not buying this story, he was most likely set up.
This is the kinda crap I hate about Somalis complete denial of anything. Somalis murder people for fun everyday you really thinkin
they're incapable of raping kids.

There was a dugsi teacher in a mosque in London who abused little kids too when the other imams found out they kicked him out of the school but they didn't report him because they didn't want the negative publicity and their centre getting investigated.


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So it's okay to throw accusations without evidence?

If he is guilty, then I would advocate for his execution
So all the victims who came forward are lying?

This is what's wrong with our community, it's chauvinists like you who deny what men do but would falsely accuse women if they were in trouble.

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Somaliland supremacy
i heard stories after stories of somali macaalims raping or seducing their students,what do you expect!! the same man when he goes back to his tuulo he can marry a 13 year old


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Did he molest small girls?
Hope they give him a long sentence..
@Shanta Somali any one can claim to be an imam even former rapists who've done horrible stuff in Somalia...
He’s looking at deportation. He looks unhinged tbh.
The local mosque denied his involvement in the mosque, they said he simply came in for prayers and he would connect with families in the mosque for private Quran lessons at their homes. That’s when the harassment occurred, the victim’s homes.


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