Galnus court chief justice seeks asylum in Puntland lol

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The chief justice of galmudug courts seeks asylum in Puntland after affirming the decision of the parliament to impeach xaaf, the vice presidentent and the speaker lol.

He was scared of the moryaans so he seeks asylum in puntland. We are there asking the PL immigration to grant him political asylum.


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We already have hundred thousands of economic refugees. I hope he's not a war criminal, Puntland shouldn't host war criminals.


When will Xaarmaajo stop fearing Abiy?
The thing is that a United HG State would be the most strongest maamul in Somalia. But fortunately for Pland and Shabab they are like Hamas and Fatah.
This dude is Murursade from the PM clan with blind loyalties to him whether right or wrong just like the MX VP.

It's a no brainer he would flee to Puntland, unlike the leadership in Puntland we don't impose our will on the other clan's, they are free to speak out even when they actively try to destabilise the state and throw it into chaos.

We knew what happened when the MX dude in Puntland forgot the munafiq act and spoke out about qalbdi dhagax

We also know what happens when other minorities speak out, they either get arrested or their homes get trashed, mind you this is just for speaking out! now imagine what they would have done if these people tried to destabilise the state?

They would have murdered them, while we allowed them to walk freely.
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Looks like the whole fleeing to Puntland was FAKE news, he is in Xamar and here is an image to prove it. these people are so shameless to invent any lies as per tradition.


Mahad Salad on his FB is saying the dude already resigned before he gave his verdict.

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