Gaal having a debate over wiping penis after peeing


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This thread is inappropriate.


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the only good thing about islam would be the clean part of it.
I'm clean and learned how to learn myself, thanks to god.

Saalax Bidaar

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Gaalo women also think by wiping their butt and vagene after the deed is adequate

Thank God for Islam
lol reminds me of a friend of mine. He used to say " If you ever get tempted by a a non-muslim chicks beauty just sniff the chair she got up from...that will def turn you off"
Most westerners don't even wipe their dick tip dry even when they're not using a urinal. Forget water. Past all that, you know how many times I seen niggas walk out without washing their hands.

Most disturbing thing I've read on reddit was some guy that wouldn't wash his hands after using the toilet. When other people were around he would open the tap and pretend to wash his hands. Some sick people walking around.
This is why they have recurring UTIs. And didn't they recently find that most McDonald's touch screens have fecal bacteria on them. Disgusting :vqbuyv0::vqbuyv0::vqbuyv0:


gaal waa gaal how can any sane person go for a kuffar for crying out loud these niggas think is normal to not wash your private parts and thinks is abnormal to clean your private part. Akhass to hell nacalaa


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Oral Sex in general is disgusting. No wonder Islam is against it

I think it is Great! And as a Professor of Human Sexuality, and a Sex Therapist, I think Oral Sex can help Heal our FLAT Earth Plane!

The Entire Somali race has been MUTILATED! I recommend Oral Sex be given to those poor Men by their significant others at least four times a week! I have a Thread entitled: Oral Sex!