For Chicken in Somali do you use doro or digaag?

For Chicken in Somali do you use digaag or doro?

  • Doro

    Votes: 23 37.7%
  • Digaag

    Votes: 38 62.3%

  • Total voters


ᶜᵃʷᵒ ᶜᵃʷˡᵒ

To all of you who say "dooro"...How do you say rooster in Somali?:shookgabre:

EDIT: Why is d00r0 censored?...


👾pʅɹoʍ pǝʇɐʅǝxᴉd ɐ uᴉ ƃuᴉʌᴉʅ👾
The income of the results have proven your parents and you are HABESH. Sorry sheegato looks like I won:samwelcome:
D**ro means something else, not chicken.

Actually it is the same thing, for some reason Somalis use the same word for two seperate Animals or use two different words for one Animal, for example libaax badeed is a Shark and a Sea lion, you can also use Jiihaas for shark too.