Following the footsteps of Pres Deni of Puntland and his new security reforms Muse Bihi promises to in increase SL Soldiers salaries 20$ by next year

Pwyneth Galtrow

Warsangeli Sanaag will never fall to Somaliland, for several reasons:

1. Clan tensions: Warsangeli complains about HY encroaching on their ancestral land, they don't have this problem with Puntite clans
2. Economic/Social ties: Warsangeli are connected to Bosaso Port and live in Bosaso and Bari in general, from Galgala, CeelDaahir etc. Why would they abandon their own clan in Bari for a 'new country'.
3. Development: Puntland has invested heavily in Warsangeli lands, from the highway that will connect Ceeldaahir to Ceerigaabo to Maakhir University.
4. Pride: Warsangeli was the most important clan in the North with their Maakhir Sultanate, they will not permit themselves to be lorded over by Isaaq.

Nobody in Puntland worries about Somaliland's futile attempts pertaining Warsangeli's Sanaag.

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This is sad, while Puntland soldiers get 285 dollars, free health care, free housing, free food. 80 dollars is not enough. Coffee costs more than that on a weekly basis.