Focus on your MENTAL HEALTH

As a Muslim man, you have a lot of responsibility which you need to fulfil and if we are not mentally prepared for the responsibility, we shouldn't rush towards an action that requires us to be responsible. Most of us underestimate the hardships of being a responsible man. You need a lot of mental toughness and stamina to keep being responsible. Therefore, its best to fix and heal yourself before committing to hard lifestyle. This is why i always encourage brothers to fix themselves and discipline yourself before you make a big decision. All these responsibilities is like carrying a massive boulder on your back and if you lack the mental toughness of carrying this boulder until you're old man then everything will get worse for you.
All am saying is always plan ahead and be ready to handle hardships. So prepare Prepare Prepare!!!

Enough of that..
There are several things that will improve your mental health if you stay disciplined and consistent

1- Praying all fard prayers
From my own experience, the only times where i was genuinely happy mentally was when i was praying. Every time i stopped or fell off from praying was the times i would usually be sad and mentally stressed. (if you have the same experience let me know!). If you're someone who stopped praying and want to get back on it, you have to push yourself for 66 days in order for praying to become your daily routine. I think after few weeks, you will get used to praying and remember it but around a month, you might fall off again so make sure you don't and reach 66 days.

2 - Working out
I have read many researches which suggests that working out can help you mentally and i experienced this first hand as well as a friend who i knew was extremely depressed and anxious. After he started working out or doing daily exercises and the longer he was doing his exercises, the more confident and social he became. He improved his mental health and gives us a great example to follow.

3- Speaking to your family members ESPECIALLY Mothers
I feel like us Somalis in the west are slowly adopting distancing family members away like the gaalos. I know some might be unfortunate with the parents they get but not everyone is perfect so i recommend even if you don't have the best relationship with your family, you should connect with them and speak to them frequently. Especially if you're a son, i recommend always speaking with your mother and asking her for advices. Be open with your parents and often, most of our parents only speak to people on the phone so they're kinda bored and lonely. So speak to them and your stress level will reduce. You will gain a lot of respect and love from your mum.

4 - Speaking to a therapist
i only recommend this for the guys who have extreme mental challenges and if you can afford it. If you usually try to get the one through nhs (which is free in the UK), they wont take you as seriously as other ethnicities which is why i put this on 4th place. Regardless, they're professionals and understand the human mind and feelings so this is also a very good option to take.

5 - Lastly, being in a relationship XD
This might be contradicting to my point of the post but if you have the capability to provide and know all the rights for your wife then one way to improve your mental health is being in a romantic relationship with your wife. Its proven that having a partner with you can help reduce stress physically and mentally but i always recommend this to brother who are considerate, religious and knowledgeable. I don't recommend this advice to brothers who lack certain things and get married to a girl with all your problems while not fulfilling your duties as a man.
IF you are not religious and knowledgeable in deen as well as not being financially stable, then the first 3 points is for you brother. Fix yourself before you marry another human being. We need to lower our weaknesses and incapabilities.