First Somali in the WWE

He's getting his ass kicked by a giant Tyrone lmaooooo

Major L for team Abdi

WWE matches are per-determined on how participants would behave. It is not like a boxing match that he has to give it everything he got. That is what you need to understand, Ms Aryan-guys-loving gyal.
I don't know his qabiil sis; however, she acted up smart and I was just correcting her.
@Aurelian you're a girl??


This is not something to take pride of.

he’s getting his ass kicked by a big black man.

sorry this is a big loss.


WWE is fake and an act, some guys are used as Cannon Fodders and meant to be weak and useless for enterainment

He is one of them clearly by watching this video, this giant Negro is abusing themView attachment 239328
The matches are choreographed with the hurt being 80% real, you're saying WWE isn't real when we seen niggas with sever injuries take long breaks like Edge.


Flying over your heads
AUTHUBILLAH walahi Somali guys just keep taking L’s, gotta say an Abdi in a thong has got to be the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my life :idontlike:

I'ma have to agree with you on this one. These fruitbooty niggas been tarnishing our name on a different scale.

I thought wrestling stopped being cool when niggas found out it was fake. I remember when I was 11 trying out some wrestling moves in a fight. I found out how easy it was for somebody to slip outta an RKO. I got BEATEN and I swore off wrestling after that.

Alhamdulillah tho. I needed that.


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