First jobs


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At one of my first ''serious'' jobs I was fired at only to be quickly hired by the BETTER business a few meters away. The b!tch who fired me was seething and coping. :hemad::chrisfreshhah:


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I did Starbucks too last year looool but i didn't have enough patience. I don't work often because of school and I don't need the money, only the experience:mjlol:


Self employed dugsi dealer from the age of 9 to 17yrs old i would get my father to buy me some candy or toys from his business tripps then i would sell that shit to the dugsi niggas and over charge as well exapmle 1 pack of turkish gum i would sell each piece of gum for 5-10 kroners each :denzelnigga:
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steward at a shit football club. I thought i just watch football and get paid for it but then i found out you have to deal with drunk middle aged white men most of the time.