Finally!!. Af maay TV born in Somalia.


I Was Cheating In Prison..I Was Cheating ...
I'd love to learn it. It just sounds like gibberish when you can only pick out 1 or 2 words.

Marshall D Abdi

Know you’re place peasant
This is biggest mistake they did, giving platform to another dialect allowing division wallahi this ppl r short sighted


SYL supporter
I have immense respect for non-DM Maay speakers (Hawiye, Darood, Isaaq)

The key to defeating AS is to make these marginalised communities feel part of Somalia.

Therefore, we need more politicians and more people in the public eye speaking Maay.

We spend so much time talking about taking back Somaliland but not enough about re-engaging with D&M.

My respect to Sheikh Sharif wallahi.

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