Federal and State ministers dicuss expanding the national welfare program.

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Who even gets this money? Such nonsense
200,000 chronically poor households with children under five years old will continue receiving cash transfers of $20 a month to help them access food, healthcare, and education. An additional 150,000 vulnerable households that are directly impacted by the locust infestation will receive emergency cash transfer of $60 a month for six months to help sustain their livelihoods. The support will cushion these households from the negative impacts of COVID-19, drought, climate-induced floods, and locust infestations.

The Somalia Shock Responsive Safety Net for Human Capital Project, popularly known as Baxnaano, approved by the World Bank Board today, will add $110 million to the current project envelope of $65 million approved in August 8, 2019 to continue Somalia’s efforts to invest in improving the human capital of its most vulnerable groups.
The Objective of the project is to provide cash transfers to targeted poor and vulnerable households and establish the key building blocks of a national shock-responsive safety net system. The SNHCP provides poor and vulnerable households nutrition-linked cash transfers to meet their immediate consumption gaps and protect against food insecurity and malnutrition risks.
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I’m sure it’s not β€œnonsense” for the 200,000+ households who depend on these monthly payments.




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Kuwa uu niikaya Ilkayaar baa hela.
No way. The FGS is actually providing material support to vulnerable people in Somalia? Just like they're supposed to?

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what you showed is 22 districts and of them only two are MX. would you have preferred if 0 where MX districts?

why focus just on those two districts but ignore all the others? is it haram for MX to also be included in this program?
Qabil derangement syndrome.

Instead of being glad that poor people are getting the help they need, his immediate concern is to see if this national program is benefitting people he deems his qabil enemies. Mind you, this guy is probably a member of the diaspora.