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Let Them Eat Cake
He answered my question actually. His main points are

  • The more Virus becomes old, the more it becomes weak
  • The more Virus become highly infectious and transmissible- the weaker the virus becomes
  • Virus best interest over time is not to kill its hosts, because killing host will kill itself.

In the past i was curious to know WHY people in the early 1980s were dropping like flies from AIDS. And the later years-- people lived longer. WHY??? I am not talking about people who take medication. Today people who never took medication live up to roughly 16 years before they become seriously ill from AIDS. Compared to the 80s where a person diagnosed with AIDS had roughly 2 years of survival before a painful death. In the prime earlier days, six months- the longest to be alive.

Like covid 19 same thing. We don't see people dropping like flies as we saw a year ago when the virus was fresh and new. Even the current unvaccinated ones do not die off like they did a year before. They get very sick but we do not have a large number of deaths.

Walaahi this smart man has answered my question. I just luv his posh high class home. The Window behind him with the sofa is to die for.

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