Farmajoos promise to pay 100,000$ to anyone who got info on bombing locations


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
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this was back in 2017

Farmaajo oo sheegay in $100 kun oo dollar la siindoono qofkii qarax soo sheega
  • 20 Febraayo 2017
Lahaanshaha sawirkaAP
Image captionQaraxa ayaa suuqa burburiyay
Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya, Maxamed Cabdullahi Farmaajo ayaa ballan qaaday in $100 kun oo dollar la siin doono qofkii sheega akhbaar ku saabsan gaari walxaha qarxa ku xiran yihiin.

Madaxweynaha ayaa hadalkaasi sheegay ka dib markii uu cisbitaalka ku booqday dadkii ku dhaawacmay qarixii shalay ka dhacay Muqdisho oo ay ku dhinteen in ka badan 34 qof.

Sidoo kale ugu yaraan 50 qof ayaa ku dhaawacantay qaraxaasi oo ka dhacay suuq aad u mashquul badan oo ku yaalla degmada Wadajir.


It's all so tiresome
Bit late.

Is this the first reward given out for intelligence?

When he said he'll defeat Al Shabaab within 2 years did he mean he'll start in 2 years?


Bosaso iyo Bandar Siyada
1,000 soldiers aren't as valuable as intelligence that can prevent the bombing like last October.

That's unless those soldiers are from your qabil.
Basically if you have information about the attack you have some sort of connection to alshabab


It's all so tiresome
Basically if you have information about the attack you have some sort of connection to alshabab

Even better.

How can you carry out a terrorist attack if your partners in crime will blow the operation for a reward that can set them up for life?

It'll hurt them more than starving soldiers.

That's unless they're hardcore suicide bombers but I wouldn't be surprised if their trainers snitch on them for the reward after training them lol.

There's gonna be alot of false claims coming in:mjkkk:
Pay them after they find bombs. Or just put trackers in every car and metal detectors around the entrance to every city. Shrapnel can be detected and if they happen to bomb inside the city then track the car to whoever so.
As long as there is chronic poverty, unemployment and 10's of thousands of homeless children, Alshabaab has a brighter future to wreck more havoc on Somalia and expand on to the more safer places in the future. Learn from Rwanda and create opportunities and a brighter future for these young men.