Farmajoo forced to Cancel his Sept 18th Meeting

My Gedo family, what happened? For weeks you been threatening me with this date. My Gedo people what is going on. Siad Barre gave a better fight than this.

Roble took over in less than a week. Where is the Eitrean troops Fahad Yassien was meant to bring? My fam this looks bad, very bad. Now your on next level langaab status.


Caabudwaaq ana dega, Cadaado waa dhulkaygi
Negro please, the meeting was postponed because of Fahad Yasin little issue in Djibouti, the order has already been made on Rooble, now the meeting will be about fulitaanka amarka madaxweyne. Rooble will soon be no more, and he would have left no legacy other than being the worst Prime minister in Somalia's history.


“I am an empathic and emotionally-aware person.
They cancelled kkkkk :dead:

It was postponed until Taliye Fahad is ready to go. You shall be exposed, Ikraan tahliil mother fled the country.