Farmajoo and Gedo asked Ethiopian Troops to Genocide Baydhabo

But we can stand up to Kenya??? Hell No. Let Kenya rape and kill Gedo the same way Ethiopia rapes and kills reer Bay and Bakool.
lol nigga relax and stop wishing for rape and murder.

im just stating the facts that Ethiopia and Kenya can do anything in Somalia.

somali's are too langaab.

unless they all stand together there's no a way fractured qabil enclaves can stand up to real countries.
Bro I am not wishing anything on anybody. And I am not the president of Somalia. Why isn't Farmajoo talking about what's happening in Gedo about women and people getting raped by Kenyan army. I just pointed out that the same thing happened to the people of Bay and Bakool but this time by Ethiopia with the blessings of Farmajoo and the Gedo community.


Cirka Gacan Saarte 💪🏾🇸🇴
D&M is native to Gedo, Marehan moved in with them by force. One day, everything will go back to the rightful owners.
That's very true. :silanyolaugh:

The mighty Mareexan kicked out the D&M, Garre and the Boran out of the Gedo valley

They then inherited its greenery and the Jubba river. From Bardhere to Luuq Ganane. While ya folks were burning up in the desert we had Bantus farming us Tomatoes and Potatoes.
Growing crops for us and drinking fresh water.

So I can see why you'd want this magical place to be returned to its rightful owner.

If the Natives ain't gettin back the States.
No one is gettin back Gedo. That's us now.


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