Farmaajo's Government - "Puntland is the Kurdistan of Somalia, we will no longer tolerate it"

The relentless attacks on Federal states by the Farmaajo government continues, after the Camey Vs Gaas double talk saga with a possible coup plot in play.

Fahad Yasin, Farmaajo's right hand man has stepped up the attacks on Puntland today, he has declared them to be the Kurds of Somalia and they will no longer tolerate this.

Fahad Yasin like Farmaajo are both known to be Anti Federalism seeking it's destruction, hence the tremendous ongoing meddling, no wonder Madoobe called a conference.

Fahad ayaa la sheegaa inuusan qarsan cadaawada uu u qabo maamulada Federaalka waana nin u ololeeya dib usoo celinta nidaamkii dowlada dhexe oo awoodleh, si awooda dalka ay ugu soo aruurto xarunta Villa Soomaaliya ee ku taal Wardhiigley

Dowladihii (Kumeelgaarka ahaa) ee soomaray Muqdisho waxay illaa iyo hada ku guuleysan waayeen inay gacanta ku dhigaan siyaasada u jan-jeerta gooni u goosadka ee deegaankaas (Puntland)!

The financial support federal government receives from some Arab, Islamic and friendly countries The leadership in Puntland will agree with the federal government and open a new page with it.

If it is delayed, as the political, security and economic conditions of the federal government improve, Puntland will be isolated from the rest of the country. It may lose some of its political leaves and remain preoccupied with itself.

The usual suspects have gone into hiding @Abdalla @Cotton Eyed Joe @Cognitivedissonance @Boqor Quark Boqor Cisman

No responses whatsoever on the recent topic with regards to whose side they are on! sooner or later that choice will have to be made and the Munafiqs will be once again exposed.

Cotton Eyed Joe

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So Farmajo government said nothing of the sort you quoted a 3 year old article from a random individual in Farmaajo's administration and made it look like Farmajo's government is anti-Puntite that is what I come to expect from you for you want my land and biyo. We are fully behind the Farmajo government as is Puntland but we may respectfully disagree rather than cut ties like certain folks I shall not name!


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Sorry sxb, the days of mucardnimo are over. We will sit down with our president farmaajo iyo PM Kheyre for any issues whether its today or 2 yrs from now. Unlike you guys who threaten violence if you dont have it ur way:kodaksmiley:

If i were beesha Galnus, i wouldn't be debating niggas
What a lying cretin that you are, that Aljazeera link has nothing to do with this topic, I doubt you could even read Arabic, Fahad yasin never held a government position before until Farmaajo handed him one, hence he can't make press statements.

The date of the article on Horseed which is a Pro Puntland site along with the guy who posted it is very clear as can be seen by anyone.
Posted: Hussein Farah - October 5, 2017 3 Comments

Even when we have audio clips of both Camey/Gaas contradicting each other regarding the conference in Jubaland, you still want to act dumb and blind, you can fool and lie to yourself all you want, but that doesn't hide the truth.

I am enjoying the denials of you munafiq's and how everyday the exposures get bigger and bigger, your that same cretin that denied the Qalbdi Dhagax story as being a conspiracy until the truth came out and you did a U turn backing the hand over!


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That article is from 3 years ago, you expect us to comment on something from 3 years ago cause you present it as if it was said today?
maybe he took a screenshot three years ago and saved it like he does with SSPOT posts
What a lying cretin that you are, that Aljazeera link has nothing to do with this topic, I doubt you could even read Arabic, Fahad yasin never held a government position before until Farmaajo handed him one, hence he can't make press statements.
even the horseed article mentions that it's quoting from an article fahad yasin wrote years ago


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I find it fascinating known anti federalists are now all over the sudden proponents of federalism in somalia. Ofcourse we got anti federalists in farmaajo adminstration just as we had them in calasow, Sharif admins. Its not a reason to call for war/destruction. Federalism is the law of the land.


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Farmaajo will not encounter any problems from Puntland, Puntland is pro stability and will support him in the coming years.


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May Allah protect and preserve the federal government and may Allah guide prime minister khayre and president farmaajo may Allah give them the foresight to see things as they're and not as they appear to be.

26 years of none governance in Somalia and the people have had enough we need peace and stability governance a standing army so we can compete with the rest of the world.

I pray that Allah makes khayre & farmaajo just rulers I pray the Allah guides their hearts to the truth may Allah make them those who take us out from this perpetual anarchy and mayhem carnage and lawlessness may they lead us to good governance accountability and kala dembeyn amiin