Farmaajo plans to visit Iran



Farmaajo met with Iranian ambassador in Ethiopia & Kenya and sent his diplomats to Iran to prepare for his visit.

Iran seeks to restore diplomatic ties with Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Iran is likely seeking to restore its diplomatic ties with Somalia, after Tehran has deported 13 Somali nationals, who served several years in jails for piracy allegations.

In a stamen by Iran’s Justice Ministry said 13 Somali citizens held in Iran’s Evin Prison are expected to return to Mogadishu.

The Ministry made the announcement to release the prisoners in Nov last year in honor of the birth of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but arrangements for their return has just been completed.

The statement said the Somali nationals convicted in Iranian courts for being involved in piracy.

Iran is holding in its prisons about 60 Somali prisoners, most of them fishermen and some pirate suspects, reports said.

Experts believe illegal Fishing by countries like Iran and China played a part in the emergence of piracy.

Iranian boats regularly violate Somali territorial waters, according to experts.

The Iran is “unlikely” to lead to restoration of diplomatic ties with Somalia.

Somalia cut ties with Iran in 2016 for “meddling” internal affairs but some diplomats said at the time Somalia decision was influenced by Saudi Arabia.


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If he goes, thats the best decision he made.

He should go to Kabul as well and visit my inlaws :farole:


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Obviously, it's part of the Qatar Turkey Iran Bloc.

One word thing about the UAE yelling Qatar to stop training with Iran when The UAE does the most.


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What do we have gain from this? I can only think of what we stand to lose, namely our livestock trade with the GCC.


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Ooh the Saudi’s won’t be happy. Somali fishermen are being jailed in Iran, Farmaajo better go and set things straight.:farole:
What do we have gain from this? I can only think of what we stand to lose, namely our livestock trade with the GCC.
Iran are stealing our fish and helping fund the illegal charcoal trade. Even that aside, I don't see how they're worth the plane trip. They're not a country that can replace Saudi/UAE in trade.
That is Ambassador Awliyo former Ambassador to Senegal (don't laugh).

It was a private initiate of his where he graveled a dozen times up to 8 I believe to release Somali prisoners.

He made contact with someone he knew back from London and travelled to Iran and Iraq I believe to secure said prisoners release.


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Somalia is an independent country nacalaa ku yaal those days of accepting 50 million from sand ni99ers to cut off relations from a whole country like a good house slave are over :trumpsmirk: