Failure farmaajo now blaming the sna for not defeating alshabab


This nigga has to be mentally ill. Yaa u sheega he cant outsource this failure to the sna, hes just as culpable. War garacan yaa naga wata.
This man is a genius. He referred to his promise to get rid off Alshabab in less than two years. Instead of admitting any mistakes he blames his soldiers, that they were the ones who broke their mistake to him. He also blaims them for not asking for more time, although they knew 2 years are to short. Abo Farmaajo goes even further and praises himself and his N&N Government, by stating the fact, that they are the first government who fully paid the soldiers. So these soldiers broke their promise to him, although he is the first President who fully paid them. No one will again associate him with the 2years-promise, they will all think about useless soldiers. What a brilliant man.

Nabad iyo Nolol.
Is he really bragging about paying the army(couple hundred soldiers) up until the past 4 months their money which is given to Somalia as aid from many nations:faysalwtf:

This is what he bragging about for 2 years as a president :faysalwtf:
Your average politician ig making promises you can not keep hence why regime change shall force them to gtfo of mainstream somalia and round them up and kill them and make their entourage suffer as well like how the S.A/S.S rounded up and killed political opponents in 1933 when Hitler became chancellor so they can't side with the West like how Ghaddafi was killed by the Ntc rebels the same opponents compromised of opposing party leaders funding from Nato = North Atlantic terrorist organisation and criminals freed by uprising and some released by Ghaddafi.

It means don't trust a single politican unless he actually cares for the ppl and doesn't have dodgy funding links/ support.


Damn he admited to not paying them for 3 months even I didn’t expect that....

The money must have been going into his weekly trips to Ethiopia.