Explosion happened in Beledweyne! Last minute attempts to disrupt elections that was about to kick off!

This happened in police station office where they were undergoing security training. A good friend of mine the mayor of Feerfeer town Khalif Garad Rooble was killed in the attack he was taking part in security meeting.

The District Commissioner of Feerfeer Mahad Beyle is reported injured in the explosions, A female police officer who is well known is reported to be killed. The Beledweyne Police Chief Qorsheel is reported to be injured.


Feerfeer Mayor ^ AUN


Beledweyne Police Chief, Qorsheel injured


District Commissioner of Feerfeer Mahad Beyle, Injured

AUN to all those killed, Beledweyne has not seen an explosion like this since the politically motivated explosion on 16 June 2009 where a security minister of the TFG Col. Omar Hashi Adan was assassinated and a Ambassador to Ethiopia Abdikarim Laqanyo.

Rooble tried to do it in garbaharey when he took mucalimo there but reer garhabharey told him if he tries anything they will kill him on the spot. then rooble tried in dhusamareeb using ahlul sunna but the government sent soldiers there to secure it so they took over guriceel instead.

now he is trying it in beledweyne. Rooble also recently visited baraawe and tried to do shit there. after his visit from baraawe is when a few HG and DIR started protesting baraawe maamul.

guy is a walking fitnah.

rooble in baraawe 03/10/2021

then all of a sudden 4 days later (07/10/2021) after he visited baraawe, trouble is brewing odyaal making a shir and accusing latagareen and his maamul of mismanagement.


Sheikh Kulkuli

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I think it was Axmed madoobe.

Have you ever noticed how beesha qarax ku nool aka quule always use qarax as a way to advance their influence and cause shock and awe to others.