Ethiopia signs peace deal with Ogaden Rebels

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Great Ethiopia needs to move fast. Pipeline in 2 years halleelujah finally we will move on in the Horn of Africa. With Ethiopia leading us into glory.
I wouldn't mind if they sign the peace deal as long as they make sure that the government doesn't exploit our resources. Otherwise, they should be up in arms again.
funny,t Aljazira sent mohamed cadow an Ogaden from wajir to interview his ONLF cousins, nice,

we need referendum and insha Allah we will leave this fake ethiopia,

referendum must be done with in 5 years no more, we cannot wait,

for those who keep saying ethiopia blah bah, its a fake country and only we Ogadens have the balls to lay down lives, no one can talk, only us sicne its named after us and only us died for it,

when you lose your sons for it you will have the rights to talk, until then stay busy and silent,
Develop the land, profit from our resources and take advantage of the 100 million xabashi market.

And most importantly continue and accelerate the building up of the Ogaden army :wow:
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