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  1. lone


    Jun 30, 2017
    Reasons Why I Choose Escorts & Prostitutes Over a Real Girlfriend Or a Friends With Benefits


    Sexual Behavior
    As we already know, most the myTakes I’ve written have proven to be very controversial and this one here is no exception, so if you are a judgmental SJW, a feminist, or just a plain old gynocentric sheep stuck in limbo, I suggest you close this window right this instant! Now, if you are a very open-minded individual looking to add a little hedonism to your life, then you may continue to read on because you, my friend, have come to the right place.

    Anyways, not to bash anyone but lately here in this site I’ve been reading a lot of questions and other Mytakes written by females on how today in 2016, women are so liberated that now both genders can enjoy casual sex and many other sexual activities without any boundaries and consequences. But I’m here to say this is all bullshit and casual sex is not what it's cracked up to be. Luckily, prostitution is not officially dead and in this myTake I’m going to explain my reasons why I choose escorts/prostitutes over having a real girlfriend, friends with benefits, etc. Everything I'm about to say is based on my own views; I did not write this to change yours.

    Escorts/Prostitutes get straight to the point

    I’ve said this over a dozen times already, yet too many people are too delusional to analyze this. Guys, for the last time, no woman out there fucks for free, whether you met her at a club, bar, the mall, in the streets, etc. and you:

    · Had to take her out to eat

    · Waste gas on her

    · Buy her drinks

    · Buy her gifts

    Or just spend anything on her just so she can go to bed with you then you just PAID for the pussy. Even like this the sex will never be promised in the end. But with an escort/hooker on the other hand, it’s the total opposite: not only do you get straight to the point with them but the sex will always be promised in the end.

    You always get what you paid for

    This is basically a continuation of the above but yes, not only will you be bound to fuck when it comes to hiring an escort/prostitute but you will no doubt get what you pay for. Since you gave an escort/prostitute what she wants in exchange for sex then that sex will no doubt be outstanding. She will do things to you or let you do things to her that your real girlfriend/fwb is too chicken shit to perform.

    They are safe and discreet

    Let’s face it, unlike a girl you met at a bar, club, or anywhere else, when you have sex with an escort/prostitute, it's between you and her and therefore there is no need for her to go gossip to her friends or anybody else about what happened between the two of you. This is probably the last thing she wants to do, anyway. You also don’t need to worry about any of her jealous ex boyfriends hounding your ass the day after nor do you need to worry about her other customers getting jealous, as they are paying her just like you. Also, an escort/hooker will never have sex with you tonight just to run to the police station tomorrow to file a false rape case against you.

    They are down for whatever

    Again, when you are with a prostitute, it's all business; you want sex and she wants to get paid, so with this in mind she is down to do or let you do to her whatever you want to do that your actual girlfriend or friends with benefits is too chicken shit to do. These could be many things, such as your favorite sex position, BDSM stuff, or any other deep fetish you may have hidden within.

    They are experienced

    Whether they do what they do for a living or as a side job, you bet your ass that she is experienced in what she does and she will most likely take pride either way and not hesitate to give you a good time. Remember, you are paying her and she knows she must work hard to earn what you’re giving her. So no matter what, you’re bound to have the time of your life with an escort/prostitute.

    They can be cleaner than an actual girl you meet at a bar, club or any other social venue
    For quite a while now society has held a stigma on escort/prostitutes such as labeling them as filthy drug addict skanks filled with STDs. Now I’m not saying this is true but this all depends on where you find her. Obviously if you find a sex worker in the middle of the ghetto who is:

    · probably a drug addict

    · doesn’t sleep or eat right

    · doesn’t make enough to afford medical insurance because all her customers are cheap jerk-offs

    · fucks her customers without protection just to make a few extra

    · most likely works for a pimp who takes all that she makes and beats the shit out of her in return

    Then yeah, you are bound to get STDs from them. However, if you find her in more secure places like Craigslist, Backpage or any other organizations who:

    · more independent

    · serves the right clientele

    · makes a lot more money

    · are aware and know what they’re doing

    Then you’ll be just fine. With this said I bet that you will be more likely to get STDs from bar/club’s sluts who would do anything for a free drink and any other bullshit.

    They aren’t choosy/picky

    No matter what you look like, do for a living, or what your status in society is, an escort/prostitute will always treat her customers the same. Unlike bar/club sluts who will only fuck you if you look like Tom Cruise or Brat Pitt or have anything that they’re gonna benefit from in the long run. They obviously don’t need to build an emotional connection with you before the sex or whatever it is that most women say they want before actually engaging in sexual activities. Also, unlike a normal girl you meet at your local bars/clubs, an escort/prostitute never expects you to have “game.”

    Now in the past I have lurked on a few escort pages on Backpage and I've seen some put things up like “no thugs!” or “I love older white men.” Nevertheless, this does not mean they only serve specific types of people, as being choosey can hurt their business. I also don’t blame them for not wanting to give services to thugs.

    They are always available when you need them

    Most escorts don’t mind working during the night or even midnight. So, if you work during the day but want to get your freak on at night, then escorts are your best option.

    They come in different shapes and forms but no matter what they will always above average


    Self-explanatory! Escorts know they must look good if they want to be good product for their customers. Not too long ago I was once again lurking on Backpages and ran into a lot of hot, gorgeous women with outstanding bodies. I even saw one BBW there that made me drool.

    They will always leave and stay out of your life after sex

    Charlie Sheen couldn’t have said it any better himself when he said he doesn’t pay hookers/escorts for sex but he instead pays them to leave. You see, nowadays our society is so gynocentric that most women still have high expectations even with simple things like casual sex. They think that just because they had sex with you it automatically gives them a golden opportunity get into your life and try to form attachments. In other words, most seem like they can’t tell the difference between a hookup/one night stand and true relationship sex. But with an escort you will never have this problem; they will never call or follow you around afterward to learn about your personal life.
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  2. Waaqo of Punt

    Waaqo of Punt

    Feb 10, 2019
  3. AhmedSmelly

    AhmedSmelly I am an offical nacas. too honest

    May 21, 2019
    You should call them escorts, prostitute is a hard pill to swallow.
  4. sanger


    Sep 24, 2017
    Enjoy getting HPV and herpes moron.
  5. Exodus


    Aug 30, 2019
    Paying for sex is a undeniable, gargantuan L
  6. Yukon_Niner


    Oct 2, 2019
    Well I can understand prostitution and escorts but I'd rather have emotional attachments.
  7. RasCanjero


    Apr 22, 2017
    I'm a cheap guy so whatever is the cheapest works for me.

    $1,000 per date for escorts

    Already turned off.

    Dating is a lot cheaper overall.

    Just avoid the upsell to marriage. That'll cost you from an apple to 50% of your net worth.
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  8. Mckenzie


    Feb 8, 2016
    What if you end up falling in love with the escort :francis:

    Careful what you wish for, some of these girls will have you wanting a cuddle and telling them they don't have to do this whilst they're just waiting to kick you out and get the next guy in:jcoleno:

    It's a cruel World :mjcry:
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  9. TheAnswer


    Dec 17, 2015
    This would make sense if girlfriends were only some sort of appliance used simply for sex. But they are not. Life partner, friend, potential mother of children, somebody you'd feel happy to bring around friends and family--they play all of these roles. An escort could never do all of that, if only because the hourly fees would soon bankrupt the loser using them.
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