Elon Musk Is on Track to Become the First Trillionaire


It's all so tiresome
High valuation because their ridiculous growth rate. Try finding other billion dollar car companies growing at 50%/year.

Still think it'll go higher. It's energy company more than a car company.


Forza Somalia!
It is a bubble, ppl are buying the stock coz everyone think that everyone is gonna buy it, which causes fomo.
Few days ago there was a stock DWAC that went from 9 $ to 170$, imagine that, 9 for weeks straight and in matter of 39h the stock jumped to 170, some bought at 150$ and still got gains but after bubble exploded it was a blood shed, some lost 100k over night.

Now the turn was on TSLA, they are aping on it. It will go down in matter of hours