Egyptian man beats his own hooyo to death to please his wife


child of afgooye
slowly burn that poor excuse of a human to death, how can someone do that to their own mother? hitting my mother would never cross my mind let alone beating her to death

AUN to the poor mother
A lot of husbands are obeying their wife's and are kicking their mothers out of there house, But I've never heard of a guy killing his mom to please his wife.



The last suugo bender
you think bunker is going to save you when the whole world layku duubo sidii sajaayadii?:ohreally:
listen i ain't trynna avoid the world ending i'm not THAT dumb I'm trynna avoid Dajaal and his minions, yajooj and majooj and their cannabilistic rampage goodluck up there :samwelcome: